Reznor Model PDH Air Handler


Indoor, Power Vented, Gas Fired, Packaged Heating, Optional Cooling System

Prices range from $4,500 an up depending on selected options

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High Efficiency, Gas Heating, available in 11 sizes 75 MBH – 400 MBH
Reznor’s PDH is the new indoor, power-vented addition to the Reznor brand line of Pre-Engineered Ventilation Air Handlers (PREEVA).

Model PDH is available in 11 sizes from 75MBH to 400MBH. Each size is designed for a minimum 81% thermal efficiency and is available for use with either natural gas or propane. The model PDH can be configured for space conditioning or 100% outside air. You can also specify cooling coils for DX or chilled water or evaporative cooling.

Model PDH indoor, power-vented heaters are approved for commercial/industrial installations in the United States and Canada by the ETL Testing Agency.

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