Reznor Model RDH

Reznor's RDH is the new rooftop, power-vented addition to the Reznor brand line of Pre-Engineered Ventilation Air-Handlers (PREEVA). Model RDH is available in 11 sizes from 75MBH to 400MBH.


Reznor Model RIHVL

Reznor's RIHVL medium capacity high-intensity infrared heaters employ a high surface temperature system creating a more intense source of heat.


Reznor Model EXUB

The EXUB are explosion-proof electric air heaters, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of heavy industry. EXUB unit heaters can provide primary or supplementary heating for comfort or freeze protection in areas that are classified as hazardous locations.


Reznor Model EWHB

Reznor’s EWHB washable unit heater, is intended for areas where large quantities of water are present or humidity levels are very high. The heater is specifically designed for environments where heating units may require flushing with water in the course of non-hazardous activities.

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