What happens when I place an order?

After submitting your order through our website, you should receive a confirmation email notifying you that we have received your order.

After we receive your order, we then create a purchase order to be sent to the factory. Upon receipt of the purchase order, the factory will begin production on your product. Production times vary by factory and by product. We provide estimated production times, but the actual production times may vary. Please contact us if you would like an estimated ship date for your product from the factory.

After the factory finishes manufacturing your order, it will contract with a carrier to have your order shipped to the location you have provided. After your product has been shipped, you will receive another email from Modern Airflow indicating that your order has shipped.

What happens when I request a custom quote?

We will contact you by phone shortly after you submit a request for a custom quote. We cannot provide a quote until we have spoken with you over the phone to confirm the unit(s) and/or options you require.

After speaking with you, please allow 1-2 business days for your quote to be generated.

After your quote is generated, we will then create a custom product page for your order and email you a link to that page. Only those who have the link can access that page. All you then have to do is follow the link and place the order.

Does Modern Airflow ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

We can ship to those states, but to do so, you will need to request a custom quote as the shipping rates to those states will be different.

Does Modern Airflow ship internationally?

No. Modern Airflow currently sells only within the United States.

What if my order is damaged?

All customers should inspect their order upon delivery. If the product is noticeably damaged, the customer should refuse delivery.

If the order has concealed damage, the customer must contact Modern Airflow within 72 hours of delivery. We will assist you through the Return Materials Authorization process with the factory.