Magic Aire Model DHB Direct Drive Horizontal Fan Coils


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Horizontal direct drive chilled water/DX air units, 400 to 1000 CFM (1Ton to 2.5Ton), with numerous factory options and field installed accessories.

Tonnage: 1 – 2.5
CFM Range: 400 – 1000
Supply:  horizontal
Return: horizontal
Max Rows: 6

Standard Features

  • Chilled water cooling coils up to 6-rows
  • Convertible top or bottom blower/motor access
  • Easily removable coil and drain pan
  • Double sloped drain pan
  • DX cooling coils
  • ECM – VE motor options
  • Field-installed electric heat
  • Field-installed 2-row hot water module
  • Left or right coil connections
  • TXV for every unit

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