Magic Aire Model HCA High Efficiency Direct Drive Fan Coil 6-Row (Russell Auto)


Magic Aire


HCA HC (Horizontal High Efficiency Direct Drive AHU, Generation: A)

Cabinet Size 12 1200 CFM Basic Unit

Primary Coil C 6 Row CW or CW/HW or HW Only Coil

Coil Treatment A No Coil Treatment

TXV/Nozzle A No TXV

Secondary Coil AA None – Use for 2 Pipe or No Heating Coil

Coil Configuration A Pre-Heat, Right Hand (Cooling & Heating Coil)-Single Coil

Unit Voltage B 115V Single Phase Electrical

Motor B ECM-Premium motor, Standard Static, 3/4hp

C Variable fan speed control – driven by unit-mounted potentiometer (or up to 4 speeds, each field-adjustable) (includes 24V control transformer and low voltage terminal block)

Controls B Base controls option

Filter Options B 2″ Pleated Filter (MERV 8)

Insulation Type D Double Wall (1-in. with galv steel liner)

Drain Pan Option B Stainless Steel Drain Pan

Minor Revision A HC Minor revision

M Magic Aire 5-12-2021

Shipping Terms: FOB Factory, Full Freight Allowed

Lead Time: 15-16 weeks, plus transit

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